The Spanish Prince of Design

19 Jan

Have you heard of  Jamie Hayon?

Jamie, we are on first name basis, is a spanish artist-designer. He studied industrail design in Madrid and Paris. After college he joined Fabrica, the Benetton-funded design group and communications academy. He was very quickly promoted to head of the design department and worked closely with Oliverio Toscani on a wide range of projects.

After eight years he went out on his own, starting out with a collection of designer toys, ceramics and furniture. He also branched out into interior design and installations. 

For more information about him check out his website

Now, in the world of anything to do with design, he is a legend.

What many people don’t know about Jamie is that he is also an illustrator and whilst I was art director of Boss magazine he did three or four illustrations for me.

He was always lovely to work with and his quirky take on those boring stories made them almost readable. It was only after I came back from maternity in 2006 that he was no longer able to work with us. By then he was too busy running around the world being a design superstar.

Thanks Jamie.


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