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John’s latest work

23 Aug

john’s latest work


Passion for Fashion (illustrators)

26 Apr

Illustration by Margot Bowman

I have become a litte obsessed by fashion illustration of late. The reason being that my daughter Hope announced the other day that she was going to be one. This was not totally out of the blue, as her father had come to Australia in the late 80’s hoping to make his fortune doing just that and her big sister Ella, has just done an intensive fashion drawing course in Paris.
So like all good and slightly over enthusiastic mothers I have devoted myself to finding her lots of examples of different fashion illustration styles. I’m sure she is appreciative of this…anyway I am sure you will be interested in some of the cool illustrators I have found.

Zoe Taylor
Kat Macleod
Rebecca Wetzler
Eduard Erlikh
Mats Gustafson
David Downtown
Margot Bowman

I am sure there are many, many more but I guess I should do some work:)

Six Irish Illustrators

21 Apr

As you know I have a twitter account @samselectr. Every day  I tweet a couple of new illustration or photography websites. Yesterday I was wondering who I would tweet next, when I decided to randomly google “Irish Illustrators”. My goodness there are thousands.

This one is by Steve McCarthy

Anyway here are six that I like alot. Have a look and let me know what you think.

The Best of British and one Italian who lives in Spain

27 Jan

Brain, John Holcroft

I was flipping through the overseas supplements yesterday and I came across six UK illustrators I hadn’t heard of and became reacquainted with Francesco Bongiorni’s work.

Music Travel, Francesco Bongiorni

Here are their web addresses. Go and have a look for yourself.

Francesco Bongiorni

John Holcroft

Brett Ryder

Sandra Suy

Martin Haake

Julian Mosedale

Michael Kirkham

Tea Towel Art

25 Jan

Have you ever been to an art gallery or maybe the zoo and on your way out through the gift shop bought yourself a tea towel as a keepsake of your day? I have. This year in fact from Dubbo Zoo. It was a very cool picture of a giraffe with the words “feeding time” on it. Kitch you might think.

However there is a whole group of artists who disagree. Tea towels are now becoming art. Companies such as Third Draw Down, , and are commissioning artists and illustrators to design tea towels for them.

Abigal Crompton, Remedy Online

Katherine Brickman, Third Drawer down

Gemma Correll, To Dry For

The British Council even have tea towels in their collection by the artists Unity Peg

Unity Peg, British Council

The problem is, what do you do with your tea towel art, do you use it, put it in a draw, or maybe hang it on the wall?  Tell me what you think.

The Spanish Prince of Design

19 Jan

Have you heard of  Jamie Hayon?

Jamie, we are on first name basis, is a spanish artist-designer. He studied industrail design in Madrid and Paris. After college he joined Fabrica, the Benetton-funded design group and communications academy. He was very quickly promoted to head of the design department and worked closely with Oliverio Toscani on a wide range of projects.

After eight years he went out on his own, starting out with a collection of designer toys, ceramics and furniture. He also branched out into interior design and installations. 

For more information about him check out his website

Now, in the world of anything to do with design, he is a legend.

What many people don’t know about Jamie is that he is also an illustrator and whilst I was art director of Boss magazine he did three or four illustrations for me.

He was always lovely to work with and his quirky take on those boring stories made them almost readable. It was only after I came back from maternity in 2006 that he was no longer able to work with us. By then he was too busy running around the world being a design superstar.

Thanks Jamie.

Town Planning

16 Jan

On the weekend dad was telling about a town in New South Wales called Walcha, that is making a concerted effort to support the arts.

The Walcha Council, at the suggestion of the Walcha Arts Council, decided to develop Walcha as an Open Air Gallery.

There are 41 pieces of art around the town, a lot of them made from local timber, by local, nation and international artist.

Go and have a look at some of them.