Amazing Paper

12 Jan

As promised I saw art and made art.

I took my son and daughter and her friend, Issy, to the White Rabbit Gallery during the break.

This is White Rabbit’s third exhibition, and it is titled ‘The Big Bang”. It ‘celebrates the explosion of creativity that has rocked China since its “Opening Up” to the global economy began in 2000’.

There are 35 artists in the exhibition and it has some truely wonderful pieces in it. My favourite I think was Li Hongbo’s amazing work Paper

The attendant kindly explained to us what it was made of and how it had come in two indentical pieces and that one of the pieces had been un-assembled to create this amazing organic and endlessly expandable  sculpture that you can see in the picture.

I also loved Thrown to the Wind, Wang Zhiyuan’s three-storey tornado of discarded plastic bottles, Wang Jianwei’s The Flying Bird is Motionless, a giant sculpture-video installation on the paradoxes of time and motion, Han Jinpeng’s video-paintings, in which bad weather has its way with classic paintings (although only one was working) and Ai Weiwei’s, 500-kg pile of porcelain sunflower seeds, which had been individually painted by hand.

All the kids enjoyed it and on the way home in the car we discussed which artwork was our favourite. Jack, my five year old loved The Flying Bird is Motionless, because he liked the Kung Fu fighting in the video. Hope liked the dripping Mona Lisa of Han Jingpeng and Issyliked, Asking God and Red Memory-smile, both by Chen Wenling, which are on permanent display in the foyer of the gallery.


Time to go and see some art

9 Dec

I am goingto be off-line for a few weeks.  I am going to spend some quality time with my family and go and see some art rather than write about it!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

A sound decision

8 Dec

Yesterday Susan Philipsz won the Turner Prize for 2010 with her sound installation “Lowlands Away”. It is the first time a sound installation has been nominated, let alone won this modern art prize.

“Lowlands away” is a song about a man who drowns at sea and comes back to tell his lover of his death. Philipsz sings the song herself , acapella, and it was first performed under the three bridges of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Philipsz home town. This is a link to it.—susan-philipsz-turner-winner-4726668

Aural art is always so interesting and what each person gets from it so varied. Children always love it and will listen captivated for as long as your patience lasts.

Font magic

26 Nov

What is it about some fonts that they just make some letters or punctuation look awesome. This one is called Farnham and I think the question mark looks great in it, although I don’t really like the rest of the font. See what you think at

My Friend Oli Vickery who has a design company called Six Black Pens once asked a bunch of art directors what their favourite character was in their favourite font.

Check it out and tell me what yours is?

David to Cezanne

24 Nov

Yesterday I went to see the David to Cezanne exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Walking towards the building from the Domain carpark I was overwelmed by so many memories of having done that same walk so many times, as a child and through to the present. As a child I used to love to try and read and pronounce the names of the artist around the top of the building and was always a little bit disappointed that they hadn’t put more pictures in the panels. Dad always said-when I asked why- that they had run out of money. I wonder if that’s true.

Another thing I always loved was the way you walk through what is quite a small entrance and into such a lovely open space, with it’s high ceilings and white walls and the paintings that have been chosen to line those walls are also light and inviting. As you walk towards the back of the gallery the rooms on either side seem to beckon you in, and then at the end you are rewarded with the lovely open vista out to Woolloomooloo.

Yesterday however I was there to see the exhibition. Late as usual, closing day next week. Too busy with work and home to have come sooner.

There was a time when I got invited to all the openings and rushed through the exhibitions for the glass of wine and amazing chicken sandwiches at the end, but somewhere along the line I have dropped off the list. Now I know I would spend alot more time drooling over the art and appreciating having time to look with out having to worry about small children running about and being scolded by the volunteers.

But let’s get back to the exhibition. I did enjoy it, apart for being scolded by one of the volunteers for taking a mobile phone call in the gallery, but for me there were only about six really lovely peices and the rest was stocking fillers. I will say it did show  the mastery of the artists and it was interesting to see the progression of the art through that period and I loved the Seurat’s

And the Victor Hugo’s.

Do you ever play that game where you walk through and look at the pictures trying to decide which one you would take home if you where allowed? I always do. Well I think yesterday  it was Fortune by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon c.1800. I think it is because of the lips!

Cool and interesting

21 Nov

Daniel Wallwork

Urbam Entomology

Daniel makes these surreal sculptures out of old car bodies. Bugs and sea creatures that look as though they could have slipped through the time portal with Arnie in  one of the Terminator movies

I love tim

18 Nov

I am loving Tim’s work at the moment, go check it out at